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vns6060威尼斯城官网 the Effort

After more than three years of preparation, the final days are counting down to accelerate the U.S. securities settlement cycle from T+2 to T+1 on 五月 28, 2024.

It has been an enormous undertaking, with financial market participants from all over the globe taking part in preparations to ensure a smooth transition.

  • 存’s T+1 Conversion Guide. This details the steps 存 will take during the T+1 conversion process, along with changes effective upon implementation of T+1 on 五月 28, 2024.
  • Firms should review contingency plans to ensure they are able to address any challenges should they arise, including considerations around same day affirmation, 资金, and transaction processing.
  • The SIFMA Command Center will provide conversion status information, transparency into the activity of other participants, and serve as a forum for issue identification and socialization. The Command Center’s support will be most active from Friday, 五月 24 through Friday, 五月 31.
  • T+1 Tabletops: Preparing for Unplanned 事件- 存 conducted a series of tabletop exercises to assess the impacts of hypothetical outage scenarios in a T+1 settlement environment. See our summary of findings.

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